b2ap3_thumbnail_swimming_pool_design_features_11_20100208_1702637971-300x198.jpgA quick peek into a swimming pool owner’s household energy consumption would reveal that their pool’s motor is on the top of the list. Those who are content with functioning hardware typically ignore the price of a pool motor that only runs at full power; the costly industry standard. Variable speed pool pumps offer energy-aware owners a chance to slash prices to a minimum while maintaining all the yield of a powerful pool pump.

Variable speed pumps utilize permanent magnetic motors (similar to those in hybrid cars) to increase their energy-efficiency, meaning a smaller electricity bill for you while your pool’s systems lose nothing in the way of functionality or efficiency. For example, running your pump at half speed reduces energy usage to an eighth. Pushing water slowly uses less energy than pushing it quickly, after all, and the job is done just as well. You can save 30% by swapping to smart pumps by merit of modern design alone, and by programming your pump to run at the minimum required speed for each task, you can boost your savings up to an astounding 90%. The pump pays for itself.

A recent study revealed that California’s 1.2 million pools collectively require the same energy production as a nuclear power plant, or two conventional energy plants. Greener pumps mean less energy squandered, which in turn means lower costs and happier customers.

A detailed and specific look at the IntelliFlo pumps by Pentair can give you an idea of how these green machines work:
The IntelliFlo pump can function as an in-floor cleaner system and set at 3,000RPMs, equivalent to a two horsepower pool pump. The same model can be shifted down to 1,500RPMs to circulate and filter the pool or spa. It can also be used for spa boosters in both low and high speed modes, and to control the flow of a fountain or pool water feature. Looking for peaceful outdoor relaxation? Turn the speed down and your waterfall will drop to a hush. Want some noise and energy for a get-together? Crank it up to maximum pressure and watch it go!

Versatility is the key to smart pools; the ability to choose how to use. Pool users are quickly moving away from their older, energy draining pool pumps and switching to smart pumps that save them just as much as they want to save. Variable speed pool pumps are the future of the swimming pool industry. Don’t be afraid to go with the flow. You can spend a little now to save a lot in the long run.