Why Should You Consider Switching to Saltwater?

Saltwater chlorination systems are a significant upgrade from your run-of-the-mill chlorine-heavy counterparts. With the simple addition and maintenance of a saline mixture no different than the table salt you use at home, you can cut costs and enjoy healthier, more natural water!

The Water
That’s an important aspect of any pool! The saltwater produced by saltwater chlorination systems contain 1/10th the salt of seawater, so you don’t have to worry about burning your eyes. In fact, mild saltwater has fewer negative effects on you than chlorine water does. No more red eyes, discolored hair, itchy skin, or faded swimsuits, and you can say goodbye to that heavy chlorine smell! Better yet, the more natural saltwater composition is much healthier for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

If you prefer easy pool care, saltwater is the way to go! Along with practically cleaning itself via a chlorine converter, saltwater chlorination systems require less in the way of chemicals, making them a clean and environmental choice. On top of that, algae grows much more slowly due to the absence of stabilizer, a chemical used to offset the harshness of chlorine. The salt solution may corrode certain metals and improperly sealed stone, though this won’t be an issue if you practice proper maintenance.

Now, don’t let the price scare you away; the long-term benefits of switching to saltwater far outweigh the initial cost. Saltwater chlorination systems are much cheaper to maintain in the long run, since they require less in the way of chemicals. Salt is cheaper than chlorine, after all. If you convert your standard pool into a saltwater pool, you’ll make up the cost in only two years.

Ease of Installation
Saltwater systems are versatile! They can be used in any body of water you’d like, from hot tubs to commercial pools. Installation of saltwater purification systems is easy enough that you can do it yourself.