b2ap3_thumbnail_gunite_swimming_pool.jpgSwimming pools are one of the best ways to both spice up a backyard and provide your family with a place to relax and mingle. Although it is chilly out now, having construction take place in the colder months means no waiting when things start to warm up. Gunite pools have seen boom in popularity as of late because of their incredible durability and innately flexible method of construction. Adding custom features to your long-lasting backyard hot spot is not a problem. Here’s a handy list the top five benefits of a Gunite pool:


  • As they do not require wooden framework to hold the shape of the pool basin, Gunite pools can easily be adapted to fit pre-existing outdoor landscaping. This means that constructing a pool ends where the pool does; no other changes necessary! The pool can be made to fit the location, not the other way around.
  • Gunite pools use plaster finishes, and the pool’s surface can be customized to your taste. There are a many special textures available, such as pebbles and glass.
  • Durability is a very important aspect when constructing a pool.  With proper maintenance and pool chemistry a Gunite pool’s finish can last for up to 15 years.
  • Gunite pools are easier to construct than concrete pools, though the process takes longer. Due to the nature of the construction of concrete pools, factors that you cannot control (like outdoor temperature) may take a foothold before construction has even been completed. With Gunite pools, concrete and a sand mixture is sprayed on rebar framework; quick, simple, and much less room for error.

  • Gunite pools are particularly open to custom designs. Barstools, spas, steams, tanning ledges, underwater benches, waterfalls; you want it, you got it! It’s just that easy.