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Causes and Remedies for Swimming Pool Water Problems


While regular maintenance can keep a pool looking beautiful, it will not prevent all potential issues. If you’ve noticed some unusual and/or consistent abnormalities with your pool, this list may prove an invaluable resource in helping you find a solution.

Foamy Water

In most cases, foam forming along the pool’s edge relates to higher levels of shampoo, soft water, dissolved skin cream, or algaecide in the water. Hot tubs and smaller swimming pools are particularly susceptible to this condition. Balancing the water should resolve this issue, but if it does not, you can buy a de-foamer at almost any pool supply store.

Milky or Cloudy Water

Clouded water is more common in outdoor pools, but the variety of possible causes makes the real one hard to determine. By performing these steps in order, you can potentially resolve the issue without needed to call a professional:

  • Check disinfectant levels; add more if low
  • If the chlorine levels are adequate, check the pump. Loose wires or triggered circuit breakers may cause erratic functionality, or stop the pump altogether.
  • Finally, make sure the strainer lid is tightly secured.

Green Water

The most common cause of green water is algae, but if treating the pool for algae has no effect, it may be caused by the presence of trace metals. Copper from heating elements or older, corroded pipes may be leaching into the water. If this is the case, a sequestering or chelating agent may prove an effective solution.

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Swimming Pool Remodeling Options


Despite the tough economic climate, remodeling your pool is still possible when you consult with a swimming pool professional to build a cost effective plan. Even a relatively small remodel job can vastly improve how your pool looks.

Water Options

Stylistic and aesthetic add-ons to pools include waterfalls, jets, and mini-geysers. Natural-looking artificial stone waterfalls are a cheap alternative to the real thing, and will serve the same purpose in the long run. For pool owners with children, fountain bubblers and waterslides are a preferred option to add a water park feel to one’s pool. For truly flashy pools, fiber optics may be added to water jets to provide a vibrant light show for evening swimming and relaxation.

Fire Pit Options

Adding an outdoorsier feel to your pool area is possible with low expenditure. Fire pits of all shapes and sizes are simple to set up and easy to maintain. For those who don’t want to deal with the cleanup of wood-burning fire pits, a natural gas or propane alternative is readily available. Though they may cost a bit more, the non-wood fire pits are incredibly convenient because they require next to no cleanup.

Lighting Options

Lighting is one of the more versatile areas in terms of remodeling/refurbishing. Above water lighting can improve the look of the overall pool area, be it LED or fiber optics, ad it doesn’t need to focus on the pool itself. They can create pathways, illuminate your home. Shrubbery and trees can benefit from surface lighting as well. Underwater lighting, while more pool centric, may provide a much more interesting visual effect. Accentuating bottom of the pool designs, creating aesthetic glows to the water itself; as easy as a few pool floor LEDs.

Luxury Options

Beach entries and vanishing edges may be a little more costly, but are well worth it because of the environmental effects they add to your pool area. Beach entries create a shallow sloping area that leads into your pool, bringing the ocean feel into your backyard. Vanishing edge pools are another option that hit two birds with one stone for pools on slopes. This option creates the visual that the edge of the pool vanishes, which actually leads into a waterfall/basin combination that recycles the water right back into your pool.

Why Should You Remodel?

Because remodeling is as inexpensive as you want it to be. You don’t need to spend everything on every feature; just those that make your pool area feel more personal and comfortable. Whether you pick the lighting options, dabble in the water options, or even delve into the luxury options, you’ll be satisfied with the end result. It’s your pool, the way you want it, priced as you want it.

For more information, or to talk with a pool professional about your remodeling plan, contact Lifetime Pools today!

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ADA Swimming Pool Lift Regulations Relaxed

Last Thursday, the Department of Justice declared a major alteration in disability regulations for public swimming pools and spas. According to the recently changed rules, portable lifts are now allowed, and the call for compliance with these rules has been considerably relaxed.

For swim clubs, hotels, and other commercial public facilities, a fixed-lift policy was being enacted, with the exception that portable lifts purchased prior to March 15th would be considered compliant. According to the new policies stated by the Department of Justice, the fixed-lift policy will not be enforced. That said, lifts purchased after March 15th must be fixed “if it is readily achievable to do so.”

In this case “readily achievable” means “without an excess in difficulty or expenditure.” As stated by the DOJ, “This is a flexible, case-by-case analysis, with the goal of ensuring that ADA requirements are not unduly burdensome, including to small businesses.”

In the case of municipal pools, not every pool needs to be accessible, unless there is only one pool, in which case it must be made accessible.

The new regulations were issued May 24th, following an extension of the deadline for compliance. The new closing date is January 31st, 2013.

(Source: Pool and Spa News)

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Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool Technology

The application of modern technology to swimming pool design and construction can reap significant rewards, both economically and environmentally. Eco-smart engineering cuts both energy consumption and chemical use, resulting in cost savings and a safer and healthier environment for you and your family.


Here are some examples of recent technological innovations used by Lifetime Pools in the design and construction of their swimming pools:

    • Digital keypad controlled magnetic variable speed pumps (big savings on energy usage and cost)
    • Thermal/solar heaters, along with the recent geothermal heaters that serve to cool the home while warming the pool simultaneously
    • Non-chemical UV sanitation systems
    • In-floor cleaning systems that remove debris and cut energy use/costs by circulating the pool water to more evenly distribute heat
    • Controls that can be accessed from your PC or smart phone

Automation has become a huge part of design and construction at Lifetime Pools. President and CEO Ray Whitford says, “With automated controls, we can make equipment come on at certain times, or increase filtration time but decrease the RPMs of the motor. Energy savings are huge.”

Whether you are looking to build a new swimming pool, or upgrade your existing pool, Lifetime Pools can provide solutions that are both more energy efficient, and safer for your family and the environment. Call (650) 494-7070 for more information or visit


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Lifetime Pools 50th Anniversary


Lifetime Pools Co. Inc. is proud to announce that 2012 is our 50th year in business. “We opened our doors in Palo Alto in 1962,” Raymond Whitford, President of Lifetime Pools and son of founder Ken Whitford, says, “and I am pleased to say that we have made hundreds of friends in the community since then.”

As one of the oldest family-owned swimming pool construction company in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lifetime Pools is known for its high quality construction, top notch customer service, and integrity in the construction industry. Since our founding in 1962, we have constructed over 13,000 pools, and haven’t changed our locale once.

Commenting on the upcoming 50th anniversary, Mr. Whitford has said, “It has been a pleasure to have been a part of the Bay Area for the past half-century. The people we have employed from this area have become more than staff members to us; they have become friends and valued employees.”

In 1962, Lifetime Pools was about the only company to take on the difficult task of constructing commercial pools, spas, and wading pools for apartments, condominiums, hotels, and health clubs. We have an entire department dedicated to this sector of the industry and have become the leading expert in the field. Because we have kept all of our files since the very beginning, we have all the information we need when a customer calls us back to remodel a pool we constructed years ago.

We have been keeping with the forefront of technology since the founding of the company, applying the most cutting edge equipment available to our pools. With this incredibly energy efficient, computerized technologies, we’ve been providing our customers with convenient and easy to use pools for 50 years, and onward.

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Best Practices for National Water Safety Month (May 2012)

The following Best Practices for National Water Safety Month are brought to you by The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP).

  • Classroom Lesson: Offer to talk to your child’s class about swimming safety. Not sure what to say? Visit, click on “Event Ideas” and then “Visiting A Classroom.” You’ll find everything you need. And be sure to order some “I’m A Safe Swimmer” wristbands for each student, available at Don’t have a child in school? Just call a local school and offer your services. They love having guest speakers!
  • Local Sign Board: Identify signage around your community. Would a school, sports facility or other organization partner with you during May on a National Water Safety Month message? Put a National Water Safety Month message on the signs and ask to display one of the 30-second Olympic Gold Medal swimmer messages on the screen. Members in southern California did this successfully. (You can get a free download of the safety messages at
  • Library Display: Work with your local library to put National Water Safety Materials in one of their display cases. Display some of the APSP safety brochures and be sure to include a sign with your company name and address letting folks know they can come in and pick up their own copy of the brochures. You can also create a display for your local town hall.
  • Safety Fair: Have a safety fair. It’s easy. You can get step-by-step instructions for implementing a water safety fair at
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Is Your Public Pool Accessible to the Disabled?

With the deadline for compliance of March 15, 2012 rapidly approaching, there is little activity around the American with Disabilities Act requirements for access to swimming pools, according to Pool and Spa News. The new rules require that:

  • Most public pools must have a sloped entry or lift
  • Pools measuring more than 300 perimeter feet need a second means of access
  • Spas must have a lift, transfer wall or transfer system

These rules have been in place since last year for new swimming pools and spas, but will now be required for existing facilities that fall under the following classifications:

  • Pools operated by public park and recreation districts
  • Hotels and motels
  • Fitness and recreational sports clubs
  • Country clubs
  • High schools and universities
  • Waterparks
  • Hospitals and health care facilities

The regulations apply to both public and private facilities, and may also apply to private residential facilities, such as homeowners, apartment and condo associations, if these facilities are open to the general public (they typically are not).

Summary Guidelines Permitted Means of Pool Access

Pool Type





Swimming Pools with less than 300 Lineal Feet of Pool Wall


Swimming Pools – 300 or more Lineal Feet of Pool Wall – 2 means of entry required





Wave Action, Leisure River, Other Pools where User Entry is Limited to 1 Area



Wading Pools




* Requires two means of access. Primary means must be by sloped entry or pool lift; secondary means can be any of the permitted types.

If you are not sure if your facility is subject to these new regulations, or would like more information on compliance, give Lifetime Pools a call at (650) 494-7070. We can bring you into compliance using the most cost-effective means possible.


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