Most people think of spas as a simple means of recreation and relaxation. In doing this, they disregard their potential health benefits. A fifteen minute soak in warm water can reduce muscle ache and back pain, along with aiding sleep. Consistent use can lead to other beneficial effects on your physical and mental health.

Spas are designed to produce precisely these health benefits, including: improved flexibility and muscle strength, reduction of pain and swelling, and lessening the symptoms of many medical conditions. The reduction of joint pain and stress through the use of warm water can make both recovery from and returning to exercising much easier. Having a spa at home is the perfect compliment to a home gym.

Though beneficial to health, maintenance and safety awareness are still important factors in use of spas. Monitoring and balancing pH levels into a safe zone is necessary, but is made simple through the use of chemical packages. Temperature is another important aspect of spa safety; the safe temperatures for people of different ages and in different physical conditions vary. For example, the temperature safe for a pregnant woman would differ than the safe temperature for a non-pregnant woman. When dealing with children, it is best to lower the temperature and provide constant supervision, or to allow shorter intervals in the warm water.

When using your spa, it is recommended to wear your hair up and avoid resting near any points of suction. Though unlikely, it is possible to have your hair caught in a drain and your head held underwater.

The relaxation and health benefits of spas can’t be understated. Your home spa can provide you with much of what you need to live a healthy, relaxed life. So why relax in a chair when you could be in relaxing in warm, soothing water?

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