The application of modern technology to swimming pool design and construction can reap significant rewards, both economically and environmentally. Eco-smart engineering cuts both energy consumption and chemical use, resulting in cost savings and a safer and healthier environment for you and your family.


Here are some examples of recent technological innovations used by Lifetime Pools in the design and construction of their swimming pools:

    • Digital keypad controlled magnetic variable speed pumps (big savings on energy usage and cost)
    • Thermal/solar heaters, along with the recent geothermal heaters that serve to cool the home while warming the pool simultaneously
    • Non-chemical UV sanitation systems
    • In-floor cleaning systems that remove debris and cut energy use/costs by circulating the pool water to more evenly distribute heat
    • Controls that can be accessed from your PC or smart phone

Automation has become a huge part of design and construction at Lifetime Pools. President and CEO Ray Whitford says, “With automated controls, we can make equipment come on at certain times, or increase filtration time but decrease the RPMs of the motor. Energy savings are huge.”

Whether you are looking to build a new swimming pool, or upgrade your existing pool, Lifetime Pools can provide solutions that are both more energy efficient, and safer for your family and the environment. Call (650) 494-7070 for more information or visit