If you’re considering getting a pool, then it is a good idea to research benefits and drawbacks. When you do so, avoid information that is outdated, because it likely leaves out many of the benefits brought about by modern technology. With that in mind, here are the top 5 reasons buying a swimming pool now makes good sense.

Swimming pools are affordable.
While it’s true that pools can put a dent in your funding, it’s untrue that they are unreasonable in their pricing. The size of your yard, the materials used during construction, additions like hot tubs, heating, water features, screen enclosures all play a part in determining the cost of your pool. However, to put things in perspective, a pool is a permanent feature that eventually pays for itself. You can spend thousands of dollars on a family vacation, or you can head into the backyard and take a dip for free. Think about that.


Maintaining a pool quick and easy.
Modern technology has put to rest the days when operating pool pumps drained cash quickly. Nowadays, energy efficiency and optimization have made maintenance cheap and simple. Modern filtration systems and purification chemicals are better at keeping pools clean and shining. In fact, an APSP survey shows that 63% of pool owners feel that maintaining chemical balance in their pools is simple and easy.

Modern swimming pools are energy efficient.
Pool pumps specifically designed for energy efficiency may cost a bit more, but use 30% less power than their counterparts. On top of that, additions like solar covers for in-ground pools can help them retain heat while keeping debris out. That’s less strain on the filtration system, less stress for you, and less of a sting to your wallet. With that kind of gear, your pool can give right back.

Pools enhance the value of a home.
APSP surveys reveal that an astounding 78% of people who bought homes with a swimming pool did so partially because there was an existing pool installed. It all comes down to the climate of your home. Warmer weather means a greater call for aquatic relaxation. If you live in an area that has hot summers and a consistently temperate climate, your home will look much prettier on the market with a pool.

Swimming pools become the center of social activity and provide a convenient venue for healthy outdoor exercise.
Swimming pools tend to be social centers, and are excellent spots for quality family time. They can be used for relaxation, exercise, entertainment, celebration; it’s a one-size-fits-all for get-togethers. And besides, if you feel your pool is lacking, upgrade! Put in a TV near the spa, or a waterslide so your family can make a splash when the days run long. It’s your pool, so customize it to meet your needs!

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(Source: APSP )