While regular maintenance can keep a pool looking beautiful, it will not prevent all potential issues. If you’ve noticed some unusual and/or consistent abnormalities with your pool, this list may prove an invaluable resource in helping you find a solution.

Foamy Water

In most cases, foam forming along the pool’s edge relates to higher levels of shampoo, soft water, dissolved skin cream, or algaecide in the water. Hot tubs and smaller swimming pools are particularly susceptible to this condition. Balancing the water should resolve this issue, but if it does not, you can buy a de-foamer at almost any pool supply store.

Milky or Cloudy Water

Clouded water is more common in outdoor pools, but the variety of possible causes makes the real one hard to determine. By performing these steps in order, you can potentially resolve the issue without needed to call a professional:

  • Check disinfectant levels; add more if low
  • If the chlorine levels are adequate, check the pump. Loose wires or triggered circuit breakers may cause erratic functionality, or stop the pump altogether.
  • Finally, make sure the strainer lid is tightly secured.

Green Water

The most common cause of green water is algae, but if treating the pool for algae has no effect, it may be caused by the presence of trace metals. Copper from heating elements or older, corroded pipes may be leaching into the water. If this is the case, a sequestering or chelating agent may prove an effective solution.

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