Swimming Pool Remodeling Options


Despite the tough economic climate, remodeling your pool is still possible when you consult with a swimming pool professional to build a cost effective plan. Even a relatively small remodel job can vastly improve how your pool looks.

Water Options

Stylistic and aesthetic add-ons to pools include waterfalls, jets, and mini-geysers. Natural-looking artificial stone waterfalls are a cheap alternative to the real thing, and will serve the same purpose in the long run. For pool owners with children, fountain bubblers and waterslides are a preferred option to add a water park feel to one’s pool. For truly flashy pools, fiber optics may be added to water jets to provide a vibrant light show for evening swimming and relaxation.

Fire Pit Options

Adding an outdoorsier feel to your pool area is possible with low expenditure. Fire pits of all shapes and sizes are simple to set up and easy to maintain. For those who don’t want to deal with the cleanup of wood-burning fire pits, a natural gas or propane alternative is readily available. Though they may cost a bit more, the non-wood fire pits are incredibly convenient because they require next to no cleanup.

Lighting Options

Lighting is one of the more versatile areas in terms of remodeling/refurbishing. Above water lighting can improve the look of the overall pool area, be it LED or fiber optics, ad it doesn’t need to focus on the pool itself. They can create pathways, illuminate your home. Shrubbery and trees can benefit from surface lighting as well. Underwater lighting, while more pool centric, may provide a much more interesting visual effect. Accentuating bottom of the pool designs, creating aesthetic glows to the water itself; as easy as a few pool floor LEDs.

Luxury Options

Beach entries and vanishing edges may be a little more costly, but are well worth it because of the environmental effects they add to your pool area. Beach entries create a shallow sloping area that leads into your pool, bringing the ocean feel into your backyard. Vanishing edge pools are another option that hit two birds with one stone for pools on slopes. This option creates the visual that the edge of the pool vanishes, which actually leads into a waterfall/basin combination that recycles the water right back into your pool.

Why Should You Remodel?

Because remodeling is as inexpensive as you want it to be. You don’t need to spend everything on every feature; just those that make your pool area feel more personal and comfortable. Whether you pick the lighting options, dabble in the water options, or even delve into the luxury options, you’ll be satisfied with the end result. It’s your pool, the way you want it, priced as you want it.

For more information, or to talk with a pool professional about your remodeling plan, contact Lifetime Pools today!

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